The boiler

A vertical firetube (VFT) boiler water a water leg fire box.

Built from plans by HF Maskiner Company, Sweden.Welded by Anders Winter of Malarvarvet / Stockholm.

The steel shell was welded and testedin accordance with Swedish boiler code.

Heating surface is 48sq.ft. with 169 0.8"dia. welded steel tubes.

Grate area 2sq.ft.

Two safety valves by Herose set at 147psi and 178psi respectively.

Normal working pressure is 147psi

Steam drying pipe: hairpin shaped of 1/1" steel pipe, made by filling with sand and heating with oxyacetylene torch

The new smoke cone cover from England!

I'm very grateful for the efforts of Geoffrey Newton, SBA boiler inspector.
Without his help this shining, custom made, brass smoke cone cover wouldn't
be on my boiler